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middle layer. The process of intussusception may continue so that more and
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abscess 787 infantile cerebral diplegia 789 hereditary cerebellar ataxy
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recorded by other writers as progressive multiple hypertrophy of the lymph
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Examination with the battery shows reaction of degeneration faradism applied
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trophic changes and dissociated anaesthesia in the lower limbs.
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sometimes beneath the horny layer and sometimes beneath the whole epidermis.
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tion of the boiling appear to the practical mind of some horse
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Great care should be taken to prevent the development of bedsores from pressure
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together in stables and barns and in many cases under the
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ships of the Thirty Years War while Austrian Silesia and
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Directors at a meeting held March 20 at MSMS headquarters.
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ing the horse to partake of such an amount of fluid as the
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quite diffuse affecting a considerable length of the cord diffuse myelitis or

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