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similar reticulated mottlings occur which are independent of external irritants

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almost all the members of the Board of Health who had

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Napoleon began to make preparations for his Russian

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and coat harsh eyes sunken occasional griping pains attend the

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channel. In other cases septic micro organisms may cause the coagulum to

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but without avail the pains were continuous and increasing

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ment of the day especially in the business of dressing. These patients also

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Diagnosis. This has to be made from juvenile tahes in which the common

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small flat dusky red papules combining to produce circular patches or

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presented no time should be lost in administering Crocus.

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Another cause of delay in convalescence has already been mentioned namely

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of impacted faeces and lastly even a distinctly contracted intestine may allow

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necessities of the case. An efficient combination is that of aloin with extract

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and the yellow nodules resembling in appearance the acute form of the disease.

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