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fruits cabbage lettuce cauliflower. Potatoes contain 002 gramme per kilo

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accompany the changes in the breathing. Towards the end of apncea in the

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their performance especially is this the case when the pleural

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part of the cervical region the muscles supplied by the musculo spiral were

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Pathology. Recent research has shown conclusively that xanthoma is

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Since the last meeting of the House of Delegates the Board has

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metacarpo phalangeal joints are commonly flexed the first phalangeal joints are

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of monkeys in which a temporary local infection has been obtained. In man

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but good sound wholesome food and further that if the very fre

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as a lay horseman can expect to attain to there are three special

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proper precautions for limited periods they modify the growth of cells in the

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The herb of Anemone Pulsatilla and A. pratensis Ranun

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contact of the bronchial mucous membrane with irritating vapours or air carrying

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spread throughout all Upper and Lower Bavaria by the

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In another group of cases rigors are a prominent symptom occurring once

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If from advancing disease mucus accumulates in the bronchial tubes carbonate

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wave travels much faster the circumference of the circle is smaller the

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frequent. Haemorrhages take place under the skin or from the mucous surfaces

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Saline Purges Arsenic Carlsbad Salt Lemon Juice Potass.

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verted into dense fibrous tissue and forms septa separating the several abscess

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should be allowed in moderate quantity only corn of all descrip

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other hand expressly says that no pestilences occurred at

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had most to do with the further dissemination of the disease

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the superior cerebellar peduncles at or near the point of their decussation is

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the enjoyment of their rights and privileges. He shall decide all

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Committee Recommendation That this resolution be accepted.

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blood to distant vessels of gradually diminishing size and ultimately meeting

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any means be secured it is distinctl advisable to incur au

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the slight fever the condition of the tongue the local tenderness the vomiting

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constipation which have only been relieved by strong aperients and at length

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the affected parts while internally Kali bichromicum 3X should

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the vessels of the pleura quickly followed by exudation of the white corpuscles

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under these circumstances a few preliminary doses of Aconite 3X

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daughter cysts and causes the death of the parasite. Conversely the cysts may

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Damietta after a heavy and continuous downfall of rain.

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according to circumstances. Pressure includes petrissage by which a portion

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Symptoms. The onset of primary contracted kidney is generally quite slow

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known as arteries these arteries gradually become smaller and

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HMSS and a large contingent from Michigan is always

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subsequently fatty degeneration and there is also hypertrophy of the media.

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extensive more inflamed and more obstinate than those of tinea circinata.

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an abortifacient. It may thus enter the system by the respiratory mucous

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nervous aberration and depression indicative of more extensive

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processes irregularly into the cartilage and bone on either side. The proliferatian

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Accessory food factors 645 beri beri 646 scurvj 648 rickets 650

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was first described by Zenker and is now regarded as a coagulative necrosis.

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anxiety insufficiency of food or defective digestion have preceded the disease.

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diarrhoea which depends upon an exaggerated intestinal reflex may be treated

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number of poikilocytes in the blood the presence of megaloblasts and especially

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of the proximal phalanges and flexion of the second and third. Anaesthesia

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had a few isolated cases of disease in the previous year

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are common after parenteral administration of the drug. 12 Also dizziness

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ossification which occur chiefly along the margins of the sutures.

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Differential Diagnosis of Scarlatina Measles and Rubella. Initial

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unburied the pestilence lasted well into that year. In 1100

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bacteria of acute disease the latter with those of chronic infections.

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from the beginning. It is doubtful however whether one can separate a chronic

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testines does not possess any glands capable of secreting digestive

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