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be considered in the same way as in the simpler forms.
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below the level of the islets of retained mucous membrane subsequently the
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broncho pneumonia. The laryngeal and tracheal mucous membranes are
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Paul H. Izenberg MD Head Division of Plastic and Reconstructive
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diminished the tongue becomes clean the pulse slower and firmer and the
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Make a confection. A teaspoonful at bedtime when re
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portionately violent scratching. All the lesions described under Prurigo see
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of effusion of a jelly like material which mixes with the faeces
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it e written in ink and contains the names of the mover and
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cough and dyspnoea and nasal or bronchial crisis when there are ijaroxysm
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and giant cells but the tubercle bacillus cannot always be demonstrated.
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been recorded relating to the number of deaths that occurred
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abscesses cysts glands amp c. As a remedy for hay fever nose
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or chronic form and the treatment is not materially different from that of
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but without much evidence. Among these may be mentioned creosote 10 to 100
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Detroit hospitals. These and many other physicians speakon
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Laura Lane RN BCLS Instructor St. Lawrence Hospital Lansing
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The disease is generally accompanied by high fever. The temperature
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cold wet friction and undue pressure. Cold wet and frost are
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tion in the Infectious Disease Notification Act 1889 are small pox cholera
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persistent baldness in certain areas lasting for years recurrent attacks of
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with it when the internal temperature keeps up and under such

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