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Antipyrin. A red papular or morbilliform eruption over the greater part
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rhythm. because he thought the.stimulus started in the auriculo ventricular
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ner the food passes slowly and steadily along the digestive canal
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onsored by Exhibitors to be held in Hubbard Ballroom Daily
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In Brandenburg a severe pestilence raged in the years
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Pathology. Microscopic examination of the skin of the affected part shows
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ble to effect this thoroughly it is sometimes nay very often
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Treatment. The object of treatment is to reduce the frequency or prevent
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can onlj be due to the fact that few persons have ever troubled
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cated with cinchona and pleasant aromatics as caraway
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abdominal wall. The lower edge of the liver is also irregular and nodulated.
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neglected sources of peripheral irritation such as a chronic conjunctivitis or a
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requisite for the proper interchange of its chemical constituents
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great variety of modes of expression which fenders the study of behaviour more
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Blood Casts. These result from the coagulation of blood which has been
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cussion by the Physicians Contract Advisory Committee is the Blue
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hepatic stagnation are ascites congestion of the spleen and more or less frequent
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toxins which are the cause of the severe general symptoms
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In proceeding to deal with the more general causes and seats of
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avarice disobeyed them. The persons who acquired such
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with staggering gait and tremulous speech or he is seized with indefinable fear
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which the child manages to walk crossed leg progression. The arms are never
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was organized to ensure availability and quality in group insur
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the poorer people children under twelve or fifteen months are often fed with
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Accessory Measures. Much aid to treatment can be ob
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These various haemorrhages occur all over the body and there may be large
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injection is probably the best treatment. Acetate of lead tannic acid oil of
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SALOQUININE. Salicylic Ester of Quinine. A tasteless
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parasiticide applications themselves loosen the hairs by inflaming the follicles
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deaths that are recorded for that year only 24 were attri
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internally is excreted unchanged. Large doses are toxic but
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discoloration or blurring of the outlines. Changes are more obvious in the
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medicated with the remedy which is being internally administered
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Horses both of the heavy and the light classes that have to
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may be followed by suppuration or extensive infiltration of the neck orchitis
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sicians and lawyers into the schools when they might not have
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exposure to cold hot fomentations should be applied and salicylates may b
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A susceptible animal e.g. horse is first rendered immune by repeated injections
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This is mostly the result of phthisis carcinoma syphilis or enteric fever

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