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nblems and to discuss the applicability of these interventions in

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therapy is dedicated to providing superior quality care and

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Motor inco ordination of cerebellar type probably attributable to lesions of

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fact that the population of the city decreased from 444 800

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and gall stones if present should be removed and the gall bladder drained.

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Another form X. tuberosum consists of firm rounded nodules from the size

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may be oedematous. Under the microscope are found irregular areas of cirrhotic

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subsided. In the shoulder hip and elbow joints pain and tenderness are the

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in the surrounding country. A plague in Schleiz carried

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David Gift MS Specialist Economics Department of Radiology

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that year 149 were directly attributable to the plague. In

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The fatty oil expressed from the seeds of Tarakiogenos

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the diagnosis. Tuberculous caries may affect the atlas and axis giving rise to

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friendship and goodwill from men who have so materially assisted

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In the years 1716 18 when Austria and Turkey once more

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Imperialists were establishing their camps near Nuremberg

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weakness of upward movement of the eyeballs defective reaction of the pupils

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for the patient to become acquainted with the treatment.

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the AMA to make the FREIDA system compatible with Apple Macin

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and have often been regarded as of constitutional origin. It cannot be too

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taking to commit the individual members of the House to approval

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DERS when the surrounding parts are dry and harsh and the

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red spots covering most of the body they were mostly

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ber 15 1631 most of the wounded were brought to Eilenburg

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volutions were flattened and compressed on section the white matter was firm

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septic finding its chief use in the treatment of skin diseases.

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contracture or stiffness of joints. Massage passive movements and re educa

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lungs in which pyaemic abscesses are formed see p. 49. Other cerebral sinuses

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association with lesions of the second frontal convolution Fig. 66.

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The advent of the disease is sudden. An animal when left at

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the brain must precede the description of the diseases which produce them. At

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erujDtions the earliest to appear are rose spots papules or petechise which are

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from those parts gathered along the border of Transylvania

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During the daytime the horse s head should be tied up short to

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tion a dose every three hours afford marked and speedy relief

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die issue following Doctor Kevorkian s assisted suicide in Oakland County. Other

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a question of the simultaneous outbreak of various diseases

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on the posterior wall of the stomach. Occasionally in such cases the diagnosis

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the conditions are found which have been described already see p. 22.

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food. Other similar outbreaks have been described from time to time. It is

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A white powder freely soluble in water. It is a nerve tonic

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time observed in Lower Saxony broke out. Moreover this

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rule of the homoeopathic pharmacy to this end two forms of

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intestine. The thymus thyroid and suprarenal glands may also be diseased and

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picture often affords additional evidence of vertebral disease. In many cases the

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grammes or as an enema it is useful in simple constipation.


The characteristic feature of this disease is its congenital tendency and its

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third attacks occasionally occur and the second attack may even be more

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belladonna tincture may be given stimulants plenty of

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Prognosis. This is unfavourable but much improvement may take place

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an unavoidable accident or he has his foot severely pricked while

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Morbid Anatomy. According to Gushing disease of the pituitary is of

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preceded by exhaustion due to hardships. In regard to

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in the blood vessels which convey the vital fluid to and from the

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it usually takes the form of strangulated hernia which in

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I For the laryngeal crises inhalation of amyl nitrite may give relief.

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fresh secondaries have appeared and here we must suppose that the protective

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have been put forward as specifio for enlarged spleen phthisis

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ignorant more often than not of the best way of prescrib

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Course. Facial paralysis runs a variable course. The so called rheumatic

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