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Many conditions of bradycardia are due to vagal stimulation which may be
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Pneumonia is indeed a specific infectious disease with the primary seat of
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A tincture made from the fresh roots of Bryonia alba or
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i tiology. It occurs in younger persons than does cerebral haemorrhage.
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seminales and testes may become involved. The genital organs of women are
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Sometimes firm traction on the tongue is successful.
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regular intervals that the radial pulse wave is felt an appreciable time later
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Hill November 8 1620 the disease was borne by Bavarian
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mood may be one of extreme depression characterised by an extravagance of
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fidgety that the will continually renew their efforts to shake off
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There may also be haemorrhages under the skin hsemorrhagic infarctions and
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the circumstances there is cause for congratulation that it is so.

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