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OIL OF SASSAFRAS in very small doses i to 3 drops Is

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central nervous system stain diffusely and Nissl s granules are absent. The

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There is still one more abnormality in the chest sounds which

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rheumatism. It also acts as an intestinal antiseptic and

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may readily bring about ver undesirable consequences in mares

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Hepatic Hepatocellular miury elevated liver enzyme tests or alkaline phosphatase

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Syphilis Tuberculosis Various Tropical Diseases Examination of the Chest

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changes affecting timely payment of claims and improvements in the

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animal suffers acute pain by reason of the natural weight of the

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fatty or subserous tissues or the periosteum. The most frequent form of new

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with bloody stools renal and pulmonarj haemorrhage.

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tenance assumes an anxious appearance exhibits signs of pain

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The micro organisms are sometimes confined to the seat of inoculation or

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traumatic causes. As a result of the inflammation the jierichondrium becomes

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Prognosis. This must always be doubtful since neither haemorrhage

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exophthalmic goitre depends on some functional connection of the pancreas with

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malarial attack as described above. Not infrequently the temperature may

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ill extent and is accompanied by induration. The neighbouring lymphatic

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white salt gradually turning yellow on keeping. Its action

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into the meatus. If suppuration of the middle ear is recognised the membrana

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away all told 1 125 persons in that year including 499 out

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Treatment. An acute intussusception should as soon as possible be met

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of relatively small size with a large nucleus and a protoplasm darkened by

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tion of the urine to be noted examined and perhaps tested by

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disease but if they are absent at this time scarlatina is unlikely.

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breadth. The uterus is an elongated cavity running the whole length of the

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resonance it may be taken for granted that the cavities are aft ected

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Radiogram of CEsophagus showing Carcinomatous Stricture.. 382

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McCarrison from experience in the Chitral and Gilgit valleys concluded that the

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Under this heading we shall include all the forms which by

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shape and without processes. At the same time the neuroglial elements are

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tion resembles chronic pneumonia. Retraction of the chest takes place the heart

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cases of mixed infection the temperature charts are naturally less typical and

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with infantilism. He includes 2 a class in which the infantilism is associated

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Francis S. Collins MD PhD Professor of Genetics and Internal Medicine

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have been manifested with the cessation of the movements in

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It is necessary according to the provisions of The Ontario

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