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confers sufficient immunity for gentle exercise to be taken.

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involved and the degree of its compression. When it comes into contact with

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rises slowly during the second week it remains at about

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tuberculosis. The conditions determining its development are 1 the virulence

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affected muscles or amputation. Good results have been obtained experimentally

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broke out in Constantinople and spread from there to the

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Committee Recommendation That this resolution be accepted.

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bronchiectatic cavities may afterwards develop with offensive purulent sputum.

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increasing showings is under development between MSMS and the j

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other phenothiazines reduce the amount of narcotic required to produce

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Acetaminophen Signs and Symptoms In acute acetaminophen over

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Meracrius Cor 3X gr v. to a dose when the yellowness of

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not overlooked than in the hope that much advantage will accrue

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by means of intravenous injections of hypertonic saline and the subcutaneous

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afford relief which is the exact opposite of Bryonia.

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Transverse Lesions. The spinal cord having an elongated form is

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Indications Yocon 8 is indicated as a sympathicolytic and mydriatric. It may

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For the purification of water when no other means are at

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students who were up for examinations or about to undergo some important

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of blood which feels very hot the eyes bright red and the carotid

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stetric surgery of the very crude and rough description to which so

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applications require to be frequent say once every hour but the

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mentary disturbances which hinder al sorption. As the fat depots become

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immediately following the lesion there is paralysis of the bladder wall and tonic

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up by the vessels again it forms into organized material of a

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by cold compresses and the eyelids should be frequently washed and a little

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in the latter situation and there only when the abdominal parietes are very

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malarial parasites from the blood would be in favour of pyaemia. Malignant

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fury and did not disappear until the summer of 1794. The

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nephritis. The characteristic feature is the presence of numerous yellow streaks

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It may be confounded with a true oedema which occurs in similar circumstances.

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chloride 1 in 5 000 may be sprayed into the nostrils.

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contains special groupings of cells and reticulum called follicles and presents

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stools remain faecal but it must be remembered that apart from bacteriological

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area of injected mucous membrane. They have dense walls and are filled with

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treatment when the primary lesion is first recognised. The disease has no fatal

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of what horrible losses both friends and enemies may sustain

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addition different shades of red reddish brown and brownish black from the

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These glands are located behind the inferior maxillary jaw iDone

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Dr. G. Seivell Asks for License Must conform to regulations

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from other places. In Stolberg north east of Nordhausen

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An extract prepared from the leaves and young shoots of

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Prognosis. The condition of the heart muscle and the extent of the

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way and it is remarkable that the intervertebral cartilages are more resistant

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them as conical or wedge shaped hardly applies. They are commonly about

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Antidotes. Emetics stomach pump or any of the follow

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are not perpetuated as tics in persons whose mental adjustment is normal.

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has preceded it. Simple strictures are generally single. Occasionally they

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completely emptied. In other cases when cystitis is present the bladder should

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the process starts in the adventitia and spreads inwards. Endarteritis of the

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gregating of numerous typhus fever patients by themselves

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Erlinda Mercado MD Rochester psychologists was elected to the at

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that unless there is a problem a certain treatment will


with an obstinate refusal to take food this will be found useful.

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that upon tlie facts ascertained and appearing therein and the

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larly liable to occur at sites of friction or pressure. Xanthoma diabeticorum is

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