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by the secretion of fluent mucus which follows the dryness observ

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Alcohol arsenic and lead are common causes less frequently copper bisulphide

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Tinea marginata. Treatment of epidermophyton infection of the groins is

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Symptoms. These generally apj ear within the first year of life though

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under three months from the commencement of the illness and in the graver

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to the arrest of the blood at the points where the valves are

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the aid of surgery must be invoked where however a true case

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Ruppin by an infected soldier and in the church register

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faeces is concerned. Direct infection may take place from contamination of

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be remarked that certain persons are much more susceptible to such insects

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fibrosis and cavitation of large portions of the lung are productive of definite

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action be taken. Acting upon advice the soundness of which he had

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Laryngeal Diphtheria. The diagnosis will be easier if there is simultaneous

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It is not my intention to even attempt to criticise the Ontario

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Symptoms. In the earlier stages of the disease namely that

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the tumour directly under the skin. Analogous results occur in other parts of

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ing this peculiar inability to control the movements may some

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and a certain degree of downward movement achieved through the superior

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