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extent which myelitis usually involves. In this latter if the transverse lesion is

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the first few days. Constipation however is also extremely common. Some

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although it is rather expensive treatment and the administration

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must be mentioned the occurrence of tense brawny indurated swellings in dif

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diarrhoea in large doses it is emetic. In dilute solution J

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rather in the left loin or back than in the epigastrium.

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susceptible to it more so than old men children and poor

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in the peripheral nerves. Occasionally when the fatal termination has been

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These meetings and similar meetings by other state delegations have

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of his office and shall perform all duties imposed upon him by

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size of thejiacillus influenzcB but longer and plumper and somewhat resembling it

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The effects of chronic alcoholism are seen most markedly in various nervous

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at the end of August was obHged to surrender. The chief

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these symptoms present we should certainl consider it wnse

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totns such as are common to the observation of any man who is

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Ferri Arsenas. Dose A to i grain 0 004 to 0 016 gramme.

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ature remains about normal legs and ears are frequently cold at

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does not commit the Endowment as a body or any of its

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affected being converted into a reddish grey semi diffluent matter or presenting

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Lymphangitis. Rheumatism Blood Poisoning Purpura Common

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appearance of oedema but the patient still remains ill. The percentage of urea

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Before hcemoptysis is regarded as indicative of tubercle it must be clearly

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apparently in some cases to the arrectores pilorum.

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this may seem an unwarrantably dogmatic assertion but it has

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are marked. Among horses this disease frequently succeeds im

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thrombosis invohang cerebral vessels others are infective encephalitis and

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A small dose should be commenced with and gradually

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The Anatomical Change in mumps is an inflammatory infiltration serous

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may not be associated with increased force of the impulse. It is commonly

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as it is nearly always distinguished by sibilant or sonorous rhonchi. The dyspnoea

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lucompatibles. Acids alkalies preparations of cinchona

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involving compression of the skull and tearing of meningeal veins is undoubtedly

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it is made. The full dose for an adult is 0 9 gramme.

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and a surface smooth shining or covered with quite small scales. The patches

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operations on the abdominal walls such as herniotomy. Colic and hysterical

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the Wednesday morning general session. Above right

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high will be maintained on the other hand if it graduall falls

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clashing interests and mutual suspicion and hostility. They

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surgeon be called in to perform the operation of neurotomy as

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dilated but there is usually not much dilatation with growth because in the

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phthisis may be simulated. In veterinary surgery the diagnosis is made by the

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may be uniformly altered while the other contains only isolated areas. In

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