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earth floors scarcely having under them a few mats or

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buried while enormous numbers of flies and gnats molested

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the patient to abandon the exercise of his critical faculties.

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white powder with strong odour of hydrogen svilphide. Is

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what they are worth. Many doctors make the mistake of

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varieties Eiva Eocci Erlanger Gibson Hill and Barnard the arterial pressure

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colourless. It has the properties of iodides but possesses

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law there is a pitfall into which many persons fall when attempt

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ments of the heart are not equally susceptible of this structural

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Proleucocytes with horseshoe shaped nuclei are also present and some typical

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place in order that nature may be restored to her original state

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resources. I work closely with the Michigan Physicians

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starchy nature is a combination of chondroitin sulphuric acid and proteid. The

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cholangitis carcinoma hydatid and abscess or by extension of inflammation

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these the most useful is hyoscyamine hydrobromide which may be given by the

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twelve applied the compress can be kept in position by a piece

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rectal injection 2 to 5 fluid ounces 60 to 120 mils..

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associated conditions are decided thirst capricious and often deficient appetite

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their response overwhelmingly indicated that more ef

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Xanthoma diabeticorum is a rare form which occurs usually in those who have

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soothing protective. Dose 5 to 20 grains 0 3 to 1 2 gramme.

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Occasionally there is a little muttering delirium. In some cases the symptoms are

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tine over his ribs for congestion of the lungs the best antidote in

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still further diminish the size of the air passage and produce a

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dissemination of pestilence. Zabern where there was a strong

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Prognosis. A simple hydronephrosis may cause little or no trouble for

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leave fungoid and very offensive ulcers. Dysentery sometimes complicates

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pads also the shafts of the conveyance in which the animal may

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fluted on the surface further what was formerly a rounded or convex surface

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one that should never be attempted save under exceptional and

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be classed bronchitis which may continue throughout and broncho pneumonia

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secretions of the foal s stomach if the former accounts for it the

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intracranial pressure the degree of which depends as will be shown not only

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peptonised milk or milk and farinaceous articles. If acid fermentation is a

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same change may be seen in the toes. See Hypertrophic Pulmonary Osteo

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a definite history of dysentery the period which elapses between the disease and

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Health Policy Committee. The Legislature did not act on SB 584 before

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health service and to make funding family planning services a priority.

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Symptoms. The word cheiropompJwlyx from x i P a hand and irofxcfiuXv

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previous three. The same is required of US graduates.

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erinary Medicijie. An easy and comprehensive Arrangement of

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the other hand in tuberculosis affecting the cervical and axillary glands 73 per

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you whatever it costs to replace the old with the new.

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Anatomy. The histology resembles that of eczema in that the vesicles are

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