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twenty four or thirty six hours the respiration may have dropped

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very unlikely to be realised. They can however be very markedly controlled

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after saturation with gastric juice into the intestines and there is


recognised by the use of the laryngoscope or bronchoscope. More frequently

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who are probably greater sufferers from this condition than any

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Severe cerebral symptoms endanger life but if death does not occur recovery

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involved. The opposite kidney also may be affected with the same lesion or

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they harbor parasites are not in a healthy condition and conse

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Lethargica Gas Gangrene Poisoning by Arseno benzol Poisoning by Irritant

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mendations. Efforts are underway to develop recommendations which

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the large medium sized and smaller bronchial tubes or in pulmonary cavities by

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and gall stones if present should be removed and the gall bladder drained.

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Lycopodium 3X be administered three times a day and the horse

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prostration subsultus tendinum and plucking at the bedclothes. The face

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hence stiffness of the parts supervenes and causes great incon

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Closely resembles a popular spray remedy for asthma and

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