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Janice Bach MS Genetics Consultant Children s Special Hea

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damp while others are affected by dry cold and these indications

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and irritable states of the kidney cystitis painful and

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provides all the BA functions plus these additional capabilities

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dation. In Michigan Auxilians raised over 40 000 which

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this being an example of what is called synergic action. The cerebellum is

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lationship between the act of breathing and the pulsation of the

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physicians providing obstetrical care to indigent patients. The state s

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organs. There are however two notable exceptions. Miliary tuberculosis of

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cataract this is a most singular fact as Dr. Burnett seems to have

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pleurisy peritonitis appendicitis dropsy gastric ulcer colic

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The fluid contents are clear or slightly turbid or bloodstained. They are often

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foetid exp ectoration in most cases these are soon followed by prostration with

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this congested condition of the pharynx is Sulphurous add inhaXed

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Pathology. Microscopic examination of the skin of the affected part shows

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A localised bronchiectasis shtmld always suggest inquiry into possible ob.struc

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pleurae pale yellow brown colour of the muscular substance of the heart or

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in lead poisoning. The characteristic symptom of a bilateral lesion is paralysis

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The skin over blood extravasations may slough from pressure or irritation and

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This program has been reviewed and is acceptable for 3 Prescribed

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to recur with greater severity after a short interval. Eelapse is extremely

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Jugular thrombosis and thrombosis of the lateral sinus result from disease of

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varying quantity of expectoration often the patients were semi comatose.

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the form of cyanosis coldness engorgement and oedema of the hand bulla

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mation forms around it. The vesicle becomes more opaque the redness increases

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peritonitis is perhaps more rare unless it follows tapping the abdomen. Chronic

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typhus fever and 1 503 from dysentery all told 405 died.

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will possibly become delirious to be followed by a period of coma

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the tarsus arched and the toes flexed and crowded together. These are the

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Aegidius community alone 1 500 persons died among them

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treatment is desired the same lotion and course of procedure should

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history Nor should it be used in conjunction with mood modifying drugs

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The posterior nerve roots are generally atrophied down to the spinal ganglia

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Strychnia may be given internally and dysphagia may necessitate feeding with

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After the first meeting of the Advisory Committee the Chair

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Pathological Relations. The microfilarise may be found in the blood of

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before the kidney. Tubercle is deposited in the submucous tissue and eventually

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and carried away a large proportion of the few inhabitants

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peutic effects being identical. Consult also Zinci Oxidum.

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