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Custom Programming

Web developers team CV

Purpose: To receive orders from western clients for developing and Web systems building.
We are looking for partners for cooperation in the field of Internet systems development.
Our team has a wide experience in development of large and mid-sized Internet systems. You can learn about team experience below in the section Team Portfolio. Our close-knit team will perform any project fast and effectively.

Language: PHP
Databases: Oracle, MySQL, Postgress, MsSql
Extra technologies and languages: PERL, C ++
Operational systems: Linux, FreeBSD.
Location: Ukraine, Kiev
Contact us: Email: [email protected]
Our advantages: stable team, years of experience, fair price of services. We've completed a great number of remarkable projects for various focus areas on the Internet. We have a great experience in remote project development for companies from all over the world.

Team portfolio

Script best PHP guestbook buy. PHP guestbook add ease to you site.

Our team has developed PHP guestbook. This script is designed to be installed on both personal websites and large portals. It allows site visitors to leave their comments on one or more pages of the site.  If installed on each site page, PHP guestbook makes it possible to leave comments on each particular page.

System of products distribution (for SK Johnson branch in Ukraine).

An integrated support system for products distribution

- automation of products transfer between parent company and a distributor (Support for two-bin and three-bin distribution models is provided. Commodity flows between distributors can be traced without data of parent company);
- support of a single base of warehouse inventory including stocks of transit warehouses and stocks of transport agents;
- each memeber of distribution process is provided with analysed information on warehouse inventory, sales tendencies and on sales forecasts for the next accounting period (usually for the next one or two weeks);
- optimisation of commodity flows (orders, warehouse inventory) by means of more flexible flow control and use of forecasts.
The system is adjusted to work at low-speed lines and it allows to use the system in different situations (even in emergency and extraordinary ones). Mobile phone can serve as transmission device and reciever as well.
Results obtained.
The system introduction made possible to increase speed of information exchange and this in its turn led to intensification of commodity flows.The system provides systematized information on commodity turnover within the country. The system introduction resulted in considerable increase of commodity turnover.

Techologies used: php, MySql

Ukrainian Internet provider billing system (customer is the largest Internet service provider of Ukraine)

A client billing system has been developed for Ukrainian company Digital Generation, the largest Internet provider.
The system is used to make process of billing for company's services automatic. The system allows a client to trace his own account, to order services and to pay for them. A client can receive different statistics information, etc.

Techologies used: Cisco Netflow, C++, PHP, Oracle

Hosting and domain names selling systems

This system is designed for remote control over any quantity of hosting servers placed in Internet.
In fact, the system is a multifunctional complex for performance of hosting business, which is popular in Internet nowadays. The system has all necessary componets:
Web interface for accounting; Administrative Web interface; Web interface for resellers and Web interface for users in order to control their hosting account.
Web interfaces have been developed for all services.

The billing system, control over file system, CRM, training programs, help systems, forum,system for registration of domain names and some more options have been developed for this project.
The replenishing data base for system users has been developed.
The project is performed in several languages.
Quick change of a desigh of all sites, which are included in the system, is provided as an option.

User interface.

Technologies used: PHP, Perl, Oracle, MySql, Postgress

Mobile phone content selling system (a melody, a picture, MMS, SMS, GAMES)

A service of mobile content selling is popular nowadays.
There are different on-line services as well:
- synchronization of a contact list;
- distant setting of a phone;
- sending of SMS;
- SMS games;
- and many other options.
Development and introduction of firmware complex for SMS/WAP/MMS services for national Ukrainian operators of mobile services.
Development of WAP-sites, which interact with external application, regardless of their complexity.Operation with SMTP, XML-RPC, HTTP, SMPP protocols for SMS/MMS exchange.Realization of OTA-Settings for the majority of mobile platforms. Analysis, coding/decoding of binary data for SMS/MMS requests. The billing system allows to observe the statistics of all processes and requests.

Techologies used: PHP, Rerl, Python, MySql, Oracle

Internet VoIP billing system

This system has been developed for the company, which offers IP telephony service.
A multifunctional billing system of IP telephony has succeeded at Western market.
Management of phone booths, possibility to pay in advance and to make a deposit payment, flexible adjustment of calls, which are charged per second. Dynamic change of route development within the cities according to the loading level of channels and cost of a traffic in this telephone network. Adjustment of routers by means of Web interface, flexible statistics in PDF-format. Monitoring of channel loading level and following construction of corresponding diagrahms.
Reseller program.

Technologies used: PHP, MySql

A system for booking cinema tickets (cinema, circus, theatre, etc) on-line.

This system enables to book tickets for different shows and perfornances (cinema, theater, sport games) from remote access points.
There is a possibility to display a picture of the arrangement of seats in the place, to see its vacant and not vacant seats.
There is also the possibility to book a ticket for a vacant seat for any show. Besides, one cannot book two tickets for a place. At the same time booking can take place for many halls.
A unique technology of distributed operational caculations. The system can be enhanced greately, it is multilingual.
The system is set in the cinema (theater, etc.)and access to the system is provided by means of Internet. Thus, one can sell tickets by means of Internet being in any place. Moreover, you can book tickets not only at the cinema booking office but at any book office throughout the country.
Concept of work for the system of distributed ticket booking. Similar systems can be developed on the basis of the techologies used for this system . The systems of booking tickets for trips by a bus, a railroad, an airplane and by other transport types can be developed as well.
Interface types: Zooming of the screenshots listed below.

Techologies used: PHP, Java, Oracle, MySql

Monitoring systems

Monitoring systems are designed to trace changes in Internet.
For example,
Monitoring Search Position
The monitoring system allows to trace and to accumulate data on position of the site in search engines. This gives opportunity to trace the result of your actions taken for site promotion. In general, it is a feedback for your actions concerning advertising in Internet. You can use a handwork for tracing, but it takes much time. Monitoring system provides automatic process of data tracing and processing. Thus, you can estimate the effeciency of actions and means you have invested in the advertising of you site. If you sooperate with a company, which promotes your site in search engines, monitoring system will demostrate the progress of this company actions.

Monitoring options Companies often trace the actions of their competitors in order to take an operative decision. For nexample, it is necesary to know more about sites and intentions of the competitors. You can use a handwork for tracing, but it takes much time. Monitoring systems provides automatic process of tracing and processing of data from resources, which might interest you.
Thus, you recieve:
- the updated information;
- true information;
- information from original sources.

You will always keep the track of the events.

Technologies used: PHP, MySql

News sites

Though they look simple, news sites are compex system.

For introduction of such systems one should take into account the following:
- Heavy traffic (site audience) impose some conditions on the whole site management;
- multilingual capability;
- processing optimization of data bases, which are the core of news systems;
- usually a great number of users work at the same time with news site and provide information;
- search arrangement;
- integration with other similar resources;
- other options.

We cope with all abovemetioned tasks successfully.

Technologies used: PHP, MySql

CMS (content management system)

The system enables an unprofessional user to edit site using any computer. Besides, it is not necessaryi to install any special additional software.

CMS presentation video.

Techologies used: PHP only

Data bases

We have developed a great number of differnt data bases: help systems, libraries, data bases of commercial enterprises.

The document management system for laboratory of Natioal Transport University. Separate access levels for the whole staff (general) and for a user (individual). Inner system for documentation exchange and outer site (formal) for publication of necessary information.

Our projects are successfully used in different industries in many countries.
We hope that our cooperation will be mutually profitable.