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This distension of the tubes with opaque material and the compression they
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The urine in parenchymatous nephritis is scanty highly albuminous sometimes
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mixed with blood and the urine very much reduced in quality will
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most important are the use of warm clothing the maintenance of
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Spiritus Myristicse 5 to 20 minims 0 3 to 1 2 mil..
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cular fibrillation is common in toxic adenoma. The respiratory exchange may
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resonance. If considerable bronchiectatic cavities shoidd be formed the above
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paroxysms which may as above shown include three or four actual whoops
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stages the membrane loses its smooth glossy surface and becomes more vascular
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Health and other state agencies. This new policy incorporates the con
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meals and saline aperients is indicated on the other hand for debilitated.
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venous and sometimes subcutaneous injection of the sodium salts of certain
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quency of the fits.. Where these aire not numerous the individual may enjoy

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