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chronic form and we are the more inclined to maintain this posi

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most problematic and will approach the Michigan Department of Pub

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the shape in the movements and in the acoustic phenomena yielded by the

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animals as in rabies anthrax foot and mouth disease or thirdly from the

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for the higher readings obtained especially as these were not substantiated on

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Meiningen had 1 634 deaths. In the following year 519

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infantrymen came to Metz in May 1495 and since the most

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U. Raju MD Department of Pathology Henry Ford Hospital Detr.

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the affected parts as though he would direct attention to the seat

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tion of the internal surface of the dura mater generally chronic and resulting

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Gaertner B. enteritidis certryche where diseased meat has been eaten. The

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ARGENTAMINE. A nearly colourless alkaline liquid turn

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of the cerebral and meningeal structures under the influence of

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homoeopathist s name for salt when prepared as a remedial agent

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freely in alcohol. A useful analgesic in neuralgia lumbago

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cleansing surgical instruments catheters amp c. solutions maj

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clefts and in the palms. These vesicles are deep seated unaccompanied by any

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ticular fury in August 1626 in Volmirstadt 246 persons

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symptoms. In English practice for many years the term enteric fever has also

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brain shows proliferation of the neuroglia especially in the superficial layers oi

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view of the limited and inadequate information at hand no precise tabulation

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diaphoretic properties. It is generally prescribed as Pulvis

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body. One of the most characteristic symptoms of congenital heart disease is

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ordinary diabetes or diabetes mellitus and temporarily in some disorders of

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One dessertspoonful to a tablespoonful to be taken three

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Treatment. In cretinism as in myxoedema thyroid extract has been

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causes them to be published. For example the publication

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causing paralysis in the corresponding parts. In accordance with this is the fact

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The thymus gland is often persistent and enlarged and there is sometimes

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ogy New York University School of Medicine New York

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bacilli find a favourable nidus. Another explanation not a very probable

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effects it will produce upon the system is simply marvellous if

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quently the pyramids of the kidney become flattened and the kidney undergoes

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becomes thin emaciated and unequal to work breathes hurriedly

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melsena neonatorum 2 diseases of the blood e.g. severe purpura haemo

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unilateral lesion of the cerebellum when the tumour has grown large enough to

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a rapid disappearance of the psoriasis. When the disease is associated with

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fatal result may ensue. It is preceded by unconsciousness with pupils sluggish

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all cities were surrounded by walls and embankments.

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had occupied small narrow rooms in company with infected

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delirious and his senses are dulled the abdomen is already much distended and

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understandable explanation of what is involved in the inflamma

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attack renders the case less promising. The symptoms of the illness itself which

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devastation in Nimeguen during the siege of the city by the

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belladonnse may be applied to the breasts. Instead of this

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In this connection I desire to draw your attention to some

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application submitted by OSAS and the Michigan Department of Public

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it take place in a valuable brood blood mare probably the most

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growing network in Louisville Kentucky. We offer an

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died in the year 1634 about one half of the total population

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have also been used. The contractions may be abolished but it is doubtful

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speaking this salt has the same properties as potassium

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occasional injuries there would appear to be nothing calhng for

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observed in horses and therefore we select this form of structural

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perichondritis and to necrosis of the cartilages. The most frequent seats of the

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Council or the Executive Committee and sliall be governed in its

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tific advice that horsemen who know nothing from a professional

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