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and projecting beyond them in loose bluish red masses which are painful and

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analgesic. Dose 5 to 10 grains 0 3 to 0 6 gramme in

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hours except a faint smell of mustard. There then developed severe conjunc

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arise from lesions in those posterior situations where the conducting fibres are

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Treatment. A threatened attack may sometimes be aborted by sponging

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alternately by the Swedes and Imperialists the latter

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carefully watched. If it shows signs of rising above 100 hot water bottles

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mucous membrane of the throat looks bright red and dry soreness

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paralysis. Generalised muscular atrophy may be a pronounced feature of states

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naked eye alone affected but it is probable that microscopic examination

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ment the patient usually dies of exhaustion after relapsing into a typhoid state.

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a soft dressing is required. hen a harder ointment is neces

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and thickening of the upper internal parts of the nose and some

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Genesee County Medical Society and several special

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The most frequently observed adverse reactions include light headedness

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stomachic and astringent. Given in diarrhoea dyspepsia amp c.

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pregnancy only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the

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the thorax through an aperture in the diaphragm. Mostly the aperture is the

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Symptoms. The period of incubation is often sixteen or seventeen days

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under control by modem methods of sanitation. One can

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however some phenothiazme derivatives seem to be antianalgesic and

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the resemblance to pneumothorax may be very close. In these cases eventually

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of cartilage cells preparatory to ossification has taken place with great freedom

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important to note that coma is almost invariably present with the convulsions

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tween the rows of bones forming the knee penetrated so as to

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not migrate so freely as do the white corpuscles. The liquid por

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period in the de elopment of the disease when large numbers of

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pyrexia and diarrhcea. The motions are generally abundant pultaceous fatty

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to Dr. Hrodie for his persistent endeavours in this connection.

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frequently given are the main considerations. In milder cases no stimulants of

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Disinfection of the Clothing. Linen may be disinfected by prolonged soaking

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reading all the proof sheets and for many valuable suggestions. Other friends

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ventricular bundle are blocked or if a ventricular contraction arises from an

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myelitivS. Perfect rest and avoidance of all external irritations should 1

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and aggravated from time to time. The patient becomes feverish shuns light

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In this comparatively rare comj laint haemoglobinuria occurs in isolated

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or one sided paralysis is probably the rarest form of the disease

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but alternation of remedies is in our judgment only permissible in

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of the nervous system is the seat of the disturbance that produces

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animal worlds you will in all probability be able to observe the

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assigned by the great master no harm will come of them it is

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The above forms of dysarthria become apparent when the patient is giving his

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of unconscious or drunken persons in very cold atmospheres or of immersion in

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once discovered nothing answers better for this purpose than a

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leading on to carcinoma. Death has also been caused by their destructive

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The Sachs deorgi reaction is another serum reaction that has been used in

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white pallor which is best marked on the temporal side.

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of the heart and the condition of the circulation. For observations upon the

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soldiers quartered upon the wealthier citizens. Many asserted

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acidity and prevent heartburn and acid eructations. Fre

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lives but to bring dignity to the lives of their parents.

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the affected side is altered inasmuch as the bones bulge out. The

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years ago from an extended period of study abroad he devoted

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rise in his place and address the presiding officer confining him

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