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Treatment. In an acute attack purgatives should be given such as small

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tor. Options under consideration include a state legal expense fund

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inflammation and this myelitis may spread upwards and downwards. Secondary

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on 64 vertical columns. The columns and side walls are made

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very large vessel is involved. More frequent are embolisms of the small vessels

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surrounding skin and extending deeply at the same time. The colour becomes

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This is the only book in print to day devoted exclusively to

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nervous disease like hemiplegia or locomotor ataxy by pneumonia or bronchitis.

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The use of ether for producing local and complete ansea

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that progressive muscular atrophy and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis are the same

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McCarrison from experience in the Chitral and Gilgit valleys concluded that the

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described above should always arouse the suspicion of subacute combine

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at all reduce the temperature. Such perspirations may cause an eruption of

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Make into a paste with oil of cloves after placing over

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thereto and to the examination of those who seek registration.

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fever diphtheria typhoid and other infectious diseases. It may occasionaUy

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inspissated or clotty is mixed with blood and ultimately assumes

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manufacture results in preparations almost devoid of activity.

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coalesce so as to form larger masses confluent hroncho pneumonia but even then

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Tyjjhoid fever will be first described and subsequently the difierences which

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associated fee of twenty five dollars when the applicant s standing

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availing of the cross with that particular animal and yet again

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sudden the outbreak may have been was confirmed by the discovery by Pfeiffer

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Summer Diarrhoea Urticaria Pyelitis Cystitis lt fcc.

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pyretic but modern views have led to its disuse for this

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Metro Rehabilitation Services Incorporated Booth 109

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form there is usually no bronchial catarrh. Defervescence is rather gradual.

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were erected outside the city and shelter for relatives of

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be fully dealt with and intelligently studied. Primary inflam

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sometime will frequently afford relief and from the results which

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the pulse gets weaker the breathing slower and finally death takes place. The

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describes in detail the diseased structures themselves.

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tender. The blood is excessively pale and the red corpuscles are reduced to

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agglutination test may be used. Malaria and relapsing fever can be detected

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should be warned to communicate with the prescriber. It

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In the year 1635 another pestilence broke out the constant

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time for the natural reabsorption of the altered bile pigment urobilin. Colli

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NOSOPHEN. Tetra iodo phenolphtJuilein. A yellow odour

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pronounced ansemia on the other hand in many cases the same conditions of

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Acute Febrile Polyneuritis. This is asomewhat rare illness in which preliminary

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upon his own resources in the management and treatment of his

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bers of the College who by reason of absence from the Province or

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collaborators competent to conduct investigations and present

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the Dominion of Canada who desire to qualify themselves for regis

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Pleurisy heals like other inflammatory processes by organisation of the

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such as antidepressants or in psychiatric patients in general.

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really lymphocytic fluid found in the interior in health the lymphoid tissue is

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were all re elected. There were contests in five constituencies

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Solution into Joint Blisters Strapping strong Counter irri

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disease lower afferent and upper efferent neurons progressive muscular

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be treated in every way as if nothing had happened though

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