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have been alluded to in the description of the complications.

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deficiency of bodily vigour from any cause whether it be overwork starvation

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frictional sound due to two rough surfaces playing one upon the

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pressure. Furthermore narcotics produce adverse reactions which may

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thousand inhabitants died. The country to the south west

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unanimity of view on the part of the profession could hardly

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Diagnosis. This rarely presents any difficulty. Movements closely re

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fever is seldom vei y high or continuous the temperature is generally below

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tion that are not resolved in the manner referred to may according

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fibres are likely to undergo fatty degeneration. Some of these conditions have

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fluid and it is supposed to be this serosity which the creatures live

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infiltrating the lung is especially deceptive because it may form a tumour

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parasiticide and is useful in some forms of eczema spyhilitic

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should be injected with a chemically clean subcutaneous syringe

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f iavidarum linece alhicantes the breasts after lactation the abdomen thighs

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but has little action in non pregnancy. Very small doses 5 to

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mature beats 293 frequent action 295 paroxysmal tachycardia 296

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Vertigo. This term is commonly used to denote a sensation of giddiness from

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Services hospital resident who participated in the pro

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resistance of the individual so that the lungs are invaded secondarily by various

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He encouraged MSMS suggestions as the Council carries out its

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Anatomy. Any long continued obstruction leads to distension of the

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stances this remedy may be given in the earlier stages in the place

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antiseptic. Has been used as an injection in gonorrhoea

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scalp the spots are brighter red more raised more irregular in shape and

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the mucous membrane generally it is used in diseases of

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In relation to disease another division has to be made. Some bacteria are

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foodstuff may cause asthma or gastro intestinal disturbances. Asthmatic

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more or less violently and after the animal has been compelled to

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The prognosis is always good but convalescence may be delayed by anaemia

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ments of the diaphragm the presence of pulmonary consolidation tubercle new

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medulla oblongata here however the distribution of the vessels becomes of

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content the horse should be furnished with a constant supply of

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tender. The blood is excessively pale and the red corpuscles are reduced to

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endocarditis but is very much less frequent its onset is more often attended

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